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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 3, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> he took 56% of the vote. david has been following this race from the very beginning, and he begins the team coverage tonight. >> and the governor got a call from president barack obama and a spontaneous standing ovation at the start of business today. martin o'malley received a standing ovation. the spontaneous greeting cut the governor by surprise. he reached out to those who did not vote for him and made peace with fellow democrat with whom he has publicly disagreed with from time to time. >> it is good to see you. [laughter] [applause] >> on election night, president
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obama called to congratulate him. >> i am grateful to president obama when he was stretched so thin over 37 different governors races and battling to mitigate our losses in the midterm, that he took the time to come to maryland. >> the victory is in part by the boomerang effect of his opponent's attacks. he has no regrets about going after his challenger early and aggressively. >> we never backed down from the mission of progress, progressive values that unite us all. we took the attack to our opponent and we won. >> the governor detailed some of the things he once accomplished during his second term.
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this is new budget contain a tax? the answers, coming up. >> the democrat repeated the -- defeated the republican for the next county executive. he says that he and smith have a good relationship and it should be a smooth transition. >> it was a rematch in the first district but with a different outcome. the republicans came out on top, taking 55% of the votes. taking got an incumbent was an uphill battle. people felt clearly yesterday, voting in to office m -- him into office. >> i hope i can make a difference in washington.
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>> his priorities are bringing more jobs and repealing the obama health care reform bill. it is just one of 63 democratic seats in the house that one of the republican as the gop took control and a big way. president obama spoke about a new political reality at an afternoon press conference. >> the president's political power is reduced. many of his democratic friends -- the president denied his policies led there. he he said it was the economy. >> clearly, too many americans have not felt the progress yet. they have told us that yesterday. as president, i take responsibility for that.
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>> republicans say that it was all about the policies of democrats. >> we hope they will work with us on things like spending. >> we have to do everything we can to try to repeal this bill and replace it with common sense reforms. >> senate leader harry reid is talking cooperation. >> i welcome republican ideas. i was begging for republicans to help us. >> it will be very difficult for us to agree on some areas, but there will be a bunch of areas where we can. .> like energy policy he has learned a lot to lose touch with americans. ahem the recommending ever present taken a shellacking
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like -- every president take a shellacking like i did last night. >> if unemployment were up 5% instead of 10%, voters will have more confidence. >> the election is over, but coverage continues. we have posted election results on the top of the home page. we asked many of you why you did or did not vote, and some of you really did not hold back. >> and investigation is under way into those calls that were widely circulated yesterday suggesting that the election was over and there was no need to vote. we broke the story yesterday, and we are joined with an update. >> this was just after 6:00 p.m.
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and was directed toward registered democrats that came from a number with a 202 area code. the call suggested that, i had already won and told them to sit back and relax. we were told last night how it will unfold. >> we will look at the numbers, the callback members and try to identify who was making the calls and where they were made from. somebody paid a company that -- to make these calls. >> here is the section of law that comes into play. it makes it illegal to influence or attempt to influence a decision on whether to go to the polls through the use of fraud. at the time the calls were made, the poles were still open and no one has been declared -- had been declared a winner.
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the congressman told us today that he recorded -- >> within minutes of hearing about the other one. the goal was to warn voters that a trip was being played. got one final note. last night, bernstein became the city state attorney alike. he said he has a plan to prosecute criminals more effectively. more at 5:30. >> clouds have been gradually increasing and they will eventually bring us some wet weather later tonight. continuing through thursday and perhaps in the friday. that is headed our way, more details coming up in a few minutes. >> the man accused of killing
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three teams has been denied bail. 19-year-old charles johnson crashed one vehicle into another vehicle on halloween. 17-year-old kids were all killed. police say they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. johnson is charged with three counts of manslaughter. >> today, and baltimore mayor said that she is moving forward with a plan to fast-track growth and investment in the most rundown neighborhoods. we're joined live at city hall with with the plan entails. >> the plan has the possibility of causing a new renaissance. the new plan expects to rehabilitate more than 1000 vacant properties. it will also cut down on the dangers that these vacant
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properties can bring. it was almost two months ago when fire ripped through an entire block. the fire started in a vacant house and led the others. it is situations like this that prompted the mayor to announce the plan to help ignite more investment in the city. >> of vacant homes are more than just an eyesore. asks someone that lives next door to one. they pose a serious public safety and public health threat to our citizens. according to officials -- and >> according to officials, it could be done with federal assistance. the mayor plans to attack the problem with an approach. some of the highlights include streamlining the sale of vacant properties, as strengthening
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code enforcement efforts in the transitional blocks. and providing new incentives for home buyers and developers that invest in vacant homes, including a forbid -- the forgivable loan program. this includes the hiring of at least three of staff members. >> one agency will be responsible for improving accountability, efficiency, and transparency. >> most parts of the new plan should be implemented immediately, and the no minimum bid auctions were approved. at 6:00, there was an interesting exchange between the city council president putting the council president in a pretty ironic light.
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live outside of city hall, wbal tv 11 news. >> scientists might be on the verge of a breakthrough. >> could eating peanuts during pregnancy increase the risk of your baby having peanut allergies? >> could that mean disaster for the horse racing industry? the story, coming up. the story, coming up.
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>> baltimore city has seen some horrific cases of animal abuse and the task force has a newly formed advisory commission. the goal is to make recommendations to stop animal abuse. the commission will also combat dogfighting and will teach law enforcement to deal with animal issues that are linked with public safety. each council district will have a rep. >> in tonight's medical alert, scientists are a step closer to curing the common cold. scientists say it is about the
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body blows the immune system. also inside the cell is a protein that scientists say recognizes the antibody to kill the virus while saving to sell -- the cell. >> once the virus has infected a cell, and we thought there was nothing they could do. what we discovered is that and the bodies are able to work inside the cell and it allows the cell to get rid of the virus. >> of the developing medication to boost that protein might also be key to beating other viruses like shingles, smallpox, and chickenpox. mothers that eat peanuts during pregnancy might have kids with a peak at analogy.
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it doesn't mean eating peanuts is a factor, but doctors recommend avoiding them if you have a family history of food allergies. it highlights the need for more studies. many moms enjoy a winding down with a glass or two of wine. sometimes, mommy's little helper can become a serious problem. >> being a mom as a tough job. at alexandria. >> i am not only a mother, i work, go to school, and take care of the baby. i like wine. >> so many working moms turned a blind to unwind. -- turn to wine to unwind.
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a series of reports done by working mother magazine implies that there might be something more serious going on. 40% say that they drink to cope with stress and 57% say they have misused prescription drugs. >> they could turn to vodka and more. >> the addiction specialist is with renaissance malibu. others think the article is focusing on the extreme cases in see nothing wrong with the trend. >> men have been doing it for years. >> they say having a place to vent makes them realize they are not alone. it is virtual therapy that even the doctors say is a good thing. >> instead of taking a pill.
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>> the statistics suggest that the number of women that abuse alcohol has doubled in the past 10 years. >> another chilly november day with temperatures quite a bit below normal. this afternoon, low 50's. columbia, 53. pasadena and the low 50's as well. the 40's in far western maryland. the clouds have been steadily increasing and now you can see that blanket of cloudy as spreading over most of the state. there is a little moisture underneath those clouds. not all of this hitting the ground yet, but it is likely some of the wet weather will
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reach in the baltimore area. those showers start spreading in the central maryland and early thursday morning, we should see rain in most areas right on back to the mountains. that will keep temperatures cool. wind out of the southeast, shifting to the northeast over night and early morning. the sunsets that just a couple of minutes after 6:00 this evening. it could cause some concerns for the winter weather. the storm developing on the gulf. in fact, while we expect just chilly rain, up to the west, there might be some snowmaking in with the rain. a storm moving up the coast late tomorrow and into friday. with those snow showers will bring in the saturday, we will get some rain here tomorrow, and
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maybe an isolated showers in a couple of spots on saturday. it looks like the best day for the weekend will be on sunday with the sunshine. 50-55, northeast wind 5-10 miles an hour. knot breeze.10-15 no and tomorrow night, that rain mixes and changes to snow. in the 30's for western maryland. bethany, ocean city 61. it has kind of been lingering in place for the past couple of days and it is showing signs of gaining strength and showing new signs. just to the north, it looks like the storm will move in that
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general direction and get a little bit stronger. we will give you the latest official national hurricane center track. 53 tomorrow with a 90% chance of rain, perhaps over an inch in some spots. scattered showers on friday with a lingering chance for an isolated showers on saturday. high in the upper 40's. clocks go back one hour at 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning. >> voters that put their bets on slots are celebrating tonight. >> of the measure passed by a much wider margin than expected. >> a howard county teacher back in court, accused of having sex with a student. i will tell you why the birth certificate was on his death to begin with. e plus presents:
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ya jackwagon! tissue? crybaby. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> voters answer the question a with a resounding yes. >> we have more on that vote.
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>> voters believe it will generate revenue and create jobs, but opponents think that putting a facility there is a bad idea. the landscape will change. the voters approved a proposal with as many as 4700 slot machines. >> bring the revenue home to the county. >> it resonated with many county residents that heard about the campaign ads. 55% cast ballots for the referendum. >> the people have spoken and unfortunately, it was not what we would hope for. but they have the chance to choose their own destiny. >> the group pushed for slots at the racetrack and claims this will kill the horse racing industry.
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drastic changes could happen as early as next year. >> the idea of closing the training center and operating as a simulcast facility open 40 days a year is a real situation. >> the problem is the financial capability of competing with a gaming facility just 10 miles away. think there are any aspersions i would cast. i think we ran a good campaign and at the end of the day, he message that the state, the county, teachers, and so on needed money. i think that took precedence over any other argument out there. >> they have offered to buy the track.
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>> the club is not for sale. the second question is, they lose money per year as a racetrack, why would a business man take that on? >> it is the ideal location, and we appreciate the tremendous outpouring of support. a news conference is scheduled for tomorrow. >> still ahead, we talk about the top stories including the first congressional district seat. we will hear from congressman elect harris. >> and we'll also hear from the new state attorney, the three things he wants to get done right away.
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>> you are watching wbal tv 11 news in hd. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> the transition of the court house continues as the city state attorney prepares to move out to make way for bernstein. baltimore city has a new city state attorney. >> what changes are in store for the office? we spoke with bernstein and she is live in the newsroom with that story. >> there was a contentious primary battle.
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yesterday, he faced no competition and grieve the victory. from his office on the twenty fourth floor, he is wrapping up his work as a private lawyer and preparing to take over the very public role of the city's top prosecutor. he promises to hit the ground running. >> i think it is important to create an organizational structure that will more effectively target, prosecute, and convey the repeat violent offenders that continue to pray on the citizens and neighborhoods. and >> of the restructuring is part won a three-point plan to get better results. >> personal performance also matters. his plan also includes hiring an expert to train prosecutors to better handle the court room.
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gosh what it will do is hopefully allow the assistance the tools to be more effective and the way that they make their presentations and their ability to tell a story that will resonate. and thereby improve the conviction rate. >> are you willing to say that within one year or two years, it will improve to a certain number? >> i'm not because i am not quite sure how low the conviction rate is because of the lack of record keeping that we have seen in the state attorney's office. these are important is to set up a system where we can catalog and track these rates. and we can be transparent with the public and they can measure my success.
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>> there will be personnel changes, but not firings. -- not wholesale firings. he intends to keep his promise to try cases himself. >> i am not going to cherry pick high-profile cases. i am suggesting that as the state attorney, it is important to show leadership by being in the courtroom and prosecuting whatever cases need to be prosecuted. >> the third part of his plan is to audit the finances looking to get smart phones and voice mail for prosecutors. >> republican andy harris says he won't change his style when he and switches from the state senate to the u.s. house representing the first district. election was a rematch between
5:33 pm
harris and the democrats. we have reaction to the election. >> and the trend was for the right and the first congressional district was no exception. he easily beat his opponent. >> the first district, meet your new congressman alike. >> any time you run against an incumbent, it will be an uphill battle. of the people and the district spoke pretty firmly and loudly. >> he had been in the set for more than a decade -- in the state senate for more than a decade. >> i may call to congratulate him. >> he plans to hit the ground running. his first priority is
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establishing confidence in small businesses to help them create more jobs. >> the unemployment rate is higher than the rest of maryland. >> he thinks the way to do that is to control government spending and get the budget back on track. and another priority is the obama health care reform bill. >> we need to tackle health care reform, a think we will try to repeal it. if we can't repeal it, we will have to try to change its to remove the parts that people don't like. >> he admits running a campaign is hard work, but he is hoping to make a difference in washington. >> thank you very much. god bless america. >> he will be sworn in with all the rest of the members in january.
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>> on the other side of congress, and barbara mikulski is going back to the senate. she took to the streets of downtown baltimore waving a sign to say thank-you to voters. she defeated the republican with a 62% of the vote. of course, you'll find results and the reactions to those that matter most to you. >> a look at some of the top stories, harry reid plans to reach out to minority leader mitch mcconnell on ways to move the country forward. after defeating the tea party republican, he stressed the need for both parties to work together. house minority leader john boehner says he will renew
5:36 pm
efforts for a less costly government. he reaffirmed his goals to repeal health care reform and extend the bush tax cuts. the new majority will be the voice of the american people. president obama plans to use the upcoming session to overturn the don't ask don't tell policy. it should not be a partisan issue. opponents worry that the opportunity will track the republicans are taking control. >> and the new plan to help stimulate the economy and get americans back to work. we will have details on that. >> efforts to legalize marijuana for recreational use have gone up in smoke. we will break down the numbers. >> have a fourth of dozens of people out in the street.
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what we cover the nation. what we cover the nation. >> someone kills of worse in
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>> to people recovering from serious injuries after a fire tore through a apartment building. it forced dozens people to evacuate. firefighters were able to get everyone out despite the treacherous conditions. meanwhile, 40 homes were forced to evacuate this morning following a massive house explosion. this is an aerial view of the damage and there is not much left of the home. construction crews had a gas line causing the explosion which scattered debris across the neighborhood. the house was vacant and there have been no reports of any injuries. >> of voters said no to proposition 19 that would have legalized recreational boaters. it did not set -- to stop
5:41 pm
supporters from lighting up in oakland. they said it would cut law enforcement costs and generate tax revenue, but proponents -- opponents said that even if it did pass, federal law prohibits it. >> not real smart, the world of their faces. he and others that consolidation plans? >> there is one the and hopes to stimulate the economy and create jobs. >> in drawing up a plan to help ease school overcrowding. coming up, house sitting with parents. >> there is some wet weather approaching. we have the seven-day forecast coming up.
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>> here is a look at what we're working on for 6:00. a high-school instructor accused of having sex with a student inside of the school. and baltimore city council president deals with vacant housing, giving treatment to the politically connected allegedly. we will have these stories for we will have these stories for you at a much more when you join ♪
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♪ [ dad ] yeah! [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] achievement gets points for living life. earn pnc points for your credit and debit card purchases. ♪ find out more at pnc. for the achiever in us all. get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. >> the battle lines are being drawn to reduce school overcrowding. >> it will probably get the attention of people that live in
5:45 pm
boston. we are joined with more on that story. >> an emotional issue when you talk about moving some students from one school to another. that is exactly what is about to happen. this is the answer to school overcrowding, the new building will help balance enrollment at the district's 32 schools when it opens in late august. >> how to balance enrollment with capacity, this is what we are trying to do. >> moving them to where there are now empty seats. >> to the issue is that for years, we have had several schools that exceeded 100% capacity and in some cases, extreme overcrowding. >> some parents are concerned about how the changes will affect their children. >> i hope no one will be terribly upset, but we have no idea what is going to happen at
5:46 pm
this point. >> she is part of a school system focus group selected to give input on the proposed enrollment changes. >> i know that most people feel that a lot of them moved out here because of the wonderful school system. >> officials can draw up a plan and presented to the board of education. they are anxious to hear what parents have to add to the proposal. >> what will improve the plan, and not just not to move my child. i understand it is an emotional issue. dodge the school board will finalize the plan in march. live in the newsroom, wbal 11 news. >> we have a little sunshine to
5:47 pm
start the day with satellite imagery showing that is changing fairly quickly. rain is right on the doorstep. a batch of showers dropping in from the great lakes. all of that slowly moving in our direction. a chilly day, 55 at the inner harbor. the record high was seven years ago with 80 degrees. the record low will hold for another year. we were down to 30 this morning, and it is kind of chili right now. the eastern shore holding mostly in the low to mid 50's a round easton. there is not much of the temperature change and even into the higher elevations. there'll be some rain coming in tonight reaching western maryland and southern maryland
5:48 pm
first, gradually moving up to other counties. by thursday, it looks like an early morning rush-hour. the reign of arriving after a 11:00 at past midnight in some spots. below will be 42-49. the high pressure is now retreating through new england while pressure organizes on the gulf coast. high pressure over new england with a storm coming up, not quite cold enough around here for snow, but in the mountains, there might be some snow to talk about. it will dragons and chilly air, and higher elevations than might be some snow coming down by tomorrow night, friday, and some showers lingering out west. the possibility is there by saturday morning.
5:49 pm
of the the highest elevations of west virginia. here we get a chilly rain, wind shifting to the northwest during the afternoon, temperatures not moving much at all. this is tropical storm tomas. south of the dominican republic, the wind is beginning to slowly increase in the forecast for this storm becoming may be a category one hurricane credit act and into saturday, it moves up into the atlantic. that is not good news for people trying to recover from the earthquake. it is still going to cause problems in areas just to the west. with some showers friday, a 20%
5:50 pm
chance of a lingering shower. football weather looks good on sunday. the clocks go back what our back to standard time. >> what you should know about that consolidation companies in a plan to shore up the economies. >> of the federal reserve is expected to buy as much as $500 billion worth of u.s. treasury bonds. it will allow companies to hire more employees and bring down the unemployment rate. we have the very latest. >> in a move designed to stimulate the economy and stave off inflation, the federal reserve announced it will buy $600 billion of the federal treasury bonds from banks. >> it will lower interest rates firms and consumers.
5:51 pm
the impact is not going to be very large. >> the board did not have a lot of other financial tools to help lower interest rates any other way. >> should they do nothing or sit on their hands with the unemployment trade is above 9.5%? or should they play the cards the best ones they have in the deck. gotten bernanke expressed concern. >> of economic growth has been proceeding at a place that is less vigorous than we would like. >> the also added more debt to the bottom line at a time when voters usher in new law makers promising to cut spending and taxes. a new reality president obama addressed today. >> they were expressing great frustration about the fact that we have not made enough progress on the economy.
5:52 pm
>> there are some bright spots. gm posted a rise in sales, and ford, 19%. orders for manufacturing shot up into november. the largest jump this year. signs that americans are starting to gain confidence, but not quickly enough. >> the government plans to buy $600 billion through the middle of next year and reinvest funds back into the economy. if you are thinking of taking up one of the popular debt consolidation offers, there are things you might want to consider first. it could have you owing more money. new rules are hoping to eliminate some of the up-front fees or limit them. that is tonight's consumer alert.
5:53 pm
>> a series of shootings in howard county has police wondering if the cases are connected. >> real have the details. >> we will check and see how they are getting ready for the dolphins after their by week.
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>> the raven's got back to work to prepare against the dolphins. >> they can't help but think a little bit past miami for good reason. >> the needed to blow a pair of double-digit fourth quarter leads. that is not raven's football. a brutal schedule had worn them out, and they return from the bye recharged. >> i was a father this weekend, i wasn't worrying about the football aspect. it really takes your mind away from it. >> all of that was really good and early nurturing. i am glad none of my colleagues have got in any trouble. >> have an honest to goodness practice. he has been out since august. he can even move again.
5:57 pm
>> the ravens are feeling good, but they better take full advantage on sunday because the quick turnaround is unprecedented. a thursday game and is right there in the back of their minds. >> your mind has to flat. you can't even think about sunday's's game at. that is a fast transition. we are pros, and i am sure the coaches are doing a great job throughout the week. we will be ready for the thursday game as well. >> of the dolphins to a pretty good job of holding their attention this sunday. they have yet to lose on the road this season. >> all season long, we're looking for your best ravens and photos. -- fan photos.
5:58 pm
we check the ulocal page every day. >> here is a look at what is coming up. >> the question of the day, will it contain a new tax? the answer, straight ahead. >> back in court, accused of having sex with a student. coming up, i will tell you why her birth certificate was of the teacher's desk. >> live, local, late breaking. >> our big story tonight at 6:00, the community has spoken and the largest slot parlor will be coming. >> it is just a matter of time before the gambling begins.
5:59 pm
>> voters decided to take a gamble of and approve a casino with over 4700 slot machines. the developer went to the polls to gain support. opponents are accepting defeat. >> every decision has consequences. we will have to live with those consequences for a long time to come. >> the reality of closing the training center and operating it solely as a facility with no live racing and having it open about 40 days a year is a real situation. >> the claim to address the changes will start as early as next year. next year.


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